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Riddles for Kids - Kids Riddles With Answers
2K views · May 4, 2022
Riddles for kids with answers that will challenge a child's mind and help teach them higher level thinking skills and how to think outside the box. This riddles video has easy, hard and funny riddles for kids with answers. For more kids riddles visit:

In school, students are usually taught mostly factual knowledge, but are often not properly educated on higher level thinking skills, creativity and reasoning skills. Yet, it can be difficult to teach kids such skills, especially when kids aren't even paying attention.

This is where riddles excel. Kids love riddles and they love the challenge of solving them. They'll be having fun and won't even realize that they are learning very valuable skills.

You can start out with some easy kids riddles and then progress to some hard riddles for kids as they begin to develop their reasoning skills. The best riddles for kids are those that are a bit challenging for them, not too simple, not too difficult.

You can find more good riddles for kids here:
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